Nostalgia Madness #1: 8MEG

I just found my old Play Station memorycards and got a short flashback from when we got the bigger 3rd Party memory cards we thought was awesome and extremely big. It says “8 MEG”. I have no idea who made this junk, but let’s talk about it anyway.




PlayStation games did not need to install or save any of the games content on the console. This is why they didn’t come with integrated Hard Drives. They needed however, unlike Nintendo and Sega’s cartridges, to upload the games saving files somewhere for the game to remember where you’re at. That is why the memory card was invented. It was a clever way to save content installed on a Compact Disc for a divice without a hard drive. A PS1 game save file, as with save files for most computer games, only took a few kilobytes saving space. There’s 1000 bytes in a kilobyte and a 1000 kilobytes in a megabyte. So you should’ve thought 1MB was enough for saving PS1 content? WRONG! The 1MB memory card includes 15 blocks of saving content. While most PS games take 1 block. However, most of these takes 1 block each saved game. Which means that games with multiple saving slots takes multiple blocks. So let’s say you have a brother that does not have his own memory card. You both got together 7 games that each take 1 block for each save slot. Since you are 2, that measn that each game saves 2 blocks and have now taken 14/15 blocks of your memory card. When you now get your 8th game, only one of you can save, because there’s only 1 block left. This happened to me. Except we didn’t have that many games, we just saved for every slot each game had. Kids right? So instead of willingly deleting blocks or getting my brother his own memory card, our mother bought us these 8MEG cards. Now I’m still not sure if these were designed for PS1 or PS2 since the PS2 had 8MB as standard. But I seem to remember they worked. Well… worked enough. I’ll get back to it.

Let’s instead see how this stands against the memory of todays consoles.
A standard PS1 memory card has 1MB so it’s 8x the size. But a modern console has at least 200MB built in! The Memory stick for computers today has 16GB on standard! 16GB is 16000MB. That means a simple memory stick made for small computer transfer is the same as 16 000 standard PS1 memory sticks, 2 000 of these bigger memory cards. It’s also 6,25 Playstation 3’s. Proving that not only is modern consoles far superior than old ones on memory, but the most simple computer accessory makes the PS3 memory seem like it’s 20 years pass its time. Of course, memory isn’t everything and since this was enough for their times, it hardly even matters. It’s just interesting maths.

What really makes the “8MEG” memory card a sad invention is its name. “MEG”. All written in caps. If it was an anagram of something like Memory Everlasting Generator or something else that wouldn’t make sense but sounds cool, like most other gaming inventions, it would be acceptable. But no, MEG stands for Mega Bytes. Which is today known as MB for short. The original memory card had at least the standards of calling it “Mega” but these idiots nooo… “We’ll make a memory card that’s bigger and cooler! Let’s multiply its slot by 8 and call it 8MEGs! Let’s also make it Transparent Red and have a rediculous huge end so it could fit a lightbulb and fit in only 50% of Playstation consoles ever made. Brilliant!”.

Not only does it have a gastly design and a stupid name, the card didn’t even function correctly. It saved more content allright. But it lagged when saving and sometimes even stopped working! You would’ve thought bigger memory was more efficient. Bigger is better right? Not in this case. This memory card proves every American wrong and piss on a child’s dreams. It’s the Meg Griffin of the memory cards!

I took a quick google search to find information of this card on the net and I couldn’t find any match! Which means I have still no idea who’s behind this nightmare of a memory card. Which would explain its look and function. Maybe it’s not even Japanese? Maybe it’s French? Yes, let’s say that. We’ll do as the old and blame the French.

Rating: 2/10


Thanks for reading this blog and enjoy this gif of a turtle struggling to get on his feet.

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